Custom Pet Paintings 🐾

I began painting pets when a client asked if I could come up with something vibrant and cheerful to celebrate the life of their little dog.  Since then I have painted hundreds of different animals for people with vastly different expectations.  I am positive I can do the same for you!



As I am sure you can see, the majority of my work is impressionistic.  While I will work with you to capture critical features, I do not do photo realistic.  In the end, I am sure you will love the outcome and be satisfied with my work!

Commission work is only available for shipping to the United States and Canada.

How it works:

1. Fill out the form below and tell me about your animal/s, what would you like me to do?
2. I will reach out to you right away and discuss the details. This includes putting together a digital rendering to help visualize the project. I want you to be comfortable before work begins!
3. I will share my progress with you and make changes based on your feedback.
4. I share as much as I can with you throughout the process. Once you are happy, I will ship your custom hand painted portrait to you ASAP!


    To start the process, contact me below.